Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Equal Parts Fun and Chic Please!


Judith & Jennifer

We spotted these stylish fashionista's at the European Haute Couture event at Hycroft House, Vancouver.

We couldn't resist the perfect red sundress paired with the jacket, definitely a style inspiration. She caught our eyes everytime she strolled past. Jennifer is wearing a red sundress she made herself, with a Suttles and Seawinds (Nova Scotian) quilted jacket by Vicki Lynn Bardon purchased by her grandmother in the early 1960s. Her look is accessorised with a vintage Gucci shoulder bag and BCBG heels.

Judith looks every bit timeless, elegant and classic; the perfect Chanel girl. Judith is wearing a Chanel inspired look and a Furla bag. The yellow gives the right punch of colour for a Spring afternoon.

Questions we had to ask Jennifer...

1) Favorite fashion icon?
 Right now?
Alexa Chung
Grace Kelly or Audry Hepburn

2) I always have in my handbag…
Clinique Black Honey lipstick, mints, a hairband and bobby pins

3) A big style no no?
A French manicure on toes

4) Must have beauty essential?
ESSIE Fifth Avenue signature orange/red colour

5) Favorite fashion designer/house?
Coco Chanel

6) Something nobody knows about you?
 I like to be surprised

7) On a day off I like to...
Caress fabric and sew

8) What’s playing on your Ipod right now?
Black Sabbath

9) Guilty pleasure?
The occasional French Marlboro

10) Haute gadget?
My pearls

11) Men should…
n't wear their hair so short!
12)What's your bread and butter?
I am a designer. I work at Velle's and focus on interiors, most specifically custom furniture and upholstery. I absolutely love it!
Question we forgot to ask Jennifer...
What's the secret to those pins girl?!


liz said...

i love what they're both wearing, jennifer in particular. its always fun to take a peek into someone else's life.

Tina G said...

Jen has always been my fashion guru! Even through, and I'm sorry Jen that I'm admitting it here for the world to see, the "grunge" era! Haha! Also, I used to play dress up in Judy's clothes when I was growing up. So much fun! Jen and Judy look truly magnifique ALL THE TIME!! Seriously. You should check out their closets! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree. French manicures on toes are a big no no. The nude shoes really compliment the outfit.

Anonymous said...

must agree about the french mani on the toes---ughh!! an absolute no-no...Jenn you seem extremely fashionable,...can we have a martini and talk design??

Marie-Claude Arnott said...

Fabulously fashionable! The daring trendiness of the daughter and the classic youthful flair of the mother.... a study in fashion for age appropriateness !