Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Summer Must: Small/Mid Heeled Sandals

Raffia Stripe Slingback Sandal $645
Pacella $70
Kordowski $80

The Gatsby $290

Hadrian $79

Dalejr $89

Helfire $79

Via Spergy Kerby Sandal $175
Jessica Bennett 'Mabel' Sandal $119.95

Jeffrey Campbell 'Buckles' Sandal $124

Vanelli 'Marlina' Sandal $99.95

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MODTV: Lanvin Fall 2010

We love the irony of the Lanvin Fall 2010 Fashion Collection and the thoughts of individuality behind it. Nice one Alber xxx

Haute Style: Giovanna Battaglia

Fashion Director at Vogue Gioiello & Vogue Pelle, and former Dolce & Gabbana House and Runway model, this Italian beauty can rarely get it wrong, if ever. The reason I love her style, is because it doesn't look excessively put together. It's more interesting, approachable, and sexy than that. Giovanna is very creative with colour, texture and overall silhouette. I appreciate how she re-uses her garments and accessories and creates something very appealing each time. But....more than anything else...how fun is she?!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Haute Man Piece Of The Week...

Soft, soft and soft...even the hardiest of feet could us a cashmere touch.
Pantherella Socks, many styles
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